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#THINKTWICE™ is a ready to wear lifestyle label with a mission founded by two Finnish university students in 2019, both whom had a passion for extreme outdoor sports and environment. Being former junior bankers and economics students with no specific background in fashion they were inspired by bringing people and environmental issues together in unique way never done before. In creating the first signature collection they came up with a motto, "our mess - our responsibility, think twice" and the movement was born.


Every #THINKTWICE™ product contributes to operations to improve the health of our planet and you get to choose the field your contribution is made on. We are working with various operational level organisations operating on different fields so every dime will make a difference. By wearing our sustainably made products you will spread the word and make other people subconsciously think twice and that's where the power of movement kicks in. This is just basic psychology. 


Making people to think twice one garment at a time. Join the Movement!

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The main driving force behind the #THINKTWICE™ movement is bringing environmental issues and people together and providing them a unique way to contribute to those issues. Our mission is to spread awareness of the critical state of our planet by emphasising how you and us – together, can make a difference by thinking twice before taking action in our daily routines. By purchasing our products, you already have thought twice – you have made the decision to contribute to the use of sustainable materials and design while donating to an organization working on making our planet a better place to live. By using our products, you spread the message of thinking twice, thinking in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way. It’s a mindset, it’s a state of mind. It’s simply thinking about it twice. 


In addition to offering you sustainable, ethical and timeless pieces of garment and contributing to the organization of your choice, you'll become a part of #THINKTWICE™ movement that underlines the importance of our daily choices that impact our planet. By wearing our garment you are challenging your peers to think twice, to change their mindsets and re-evaluate their daily choices. The power of #THINKTWICE™ lies within the sense of collective responsibility our slogan awakens. We strongly believe that the change of mindset begins from our actions as individuals and that's the field we are pioneering in. 

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