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The Baltic Sea is a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean. This sea has geographically a very significant role: it’s head of shipping traffic for several Northern European countries and approximately 2000 ships are sailing on this sea every minute.


Despite its stunning nature and unique ecosystem the Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas on the globe. As a result of eutrophication excessive amounts of nutrients are giving rise to algae and other aquatic plants to grow. This phenomenon generates negative effects to the ecosystem such as algae blooms and oxygen depletion in the sea. 


The Baltic Sea is facing several environmental threats in following years and that ’s one of the multiple reasons why we’ve decided to direct our resources to one of the most efficient field-level organisation, John Nurminen Foundation which we are proud to be an official partner with.

John Nurminen Foundation is Finnish based organisation focusing on cleaning Baltic Sea from algae. The results of this foundation have been remarkable and for this day they have been removed more than 1400 ton of this seaweed from the bottom of the Sea.

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