/ plastic pollution

Plastic is an strong and flexible element, which is devastating poison to marine environment. Even a plastic bottle can last 450 years in the ocean, slowly fragmenting into smaller pieces and eventually ending up microscopic pieces of microplastics. Plastic in the seas do not only impact sea life, it also carries toxic pollutants into the food chain including to our dinners. Nevertheless, plastic is one the most used packaging material and as consequence about 8 million tons of this material enters ocean every year. 


Plastic pollution has been happening for years creating 5 major garbage patches floating around globe. We have decided to direct our plastic pollution donations towards the Great Pacific garbage patch, which is biggest pollution area of these five. The Great Pacific is located between Hawaii and California, where almost 40% plastics of world’s ocean are floating right now. 


The Ocean Cleanup is Netherlands based non-profit organization developing creative technologies to rid the world’s plastic problem starting from the big one in Hawaii. Team is consisted more than 80 engineer, researchers, scientist and computational modelers working on daily basis developing one of the most optimal cleanup innovation. The Ocean Cleanup system is based on creating 600-meter-long floater taking advantage of natural oceanic forces while removing that garbage patch. The operation has moved rapidly forward and they are scaling up to full fleet in 2020. 

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